How to: Change Your John Deere 30-Second Oil Change Filter

posted on Tuesday, July 30, 2019 in Dealer News

The Easy Change™ 30-Second Oil Change system offers a uniquely designed oil and oil filtration system exclusive to certain mowers in the 100 Series from John Deere.

This technology allows you to change your oil in 30 seconds or less, without ever having to drain the engine. How’s this possible? Well, this one-of-a-kind oil change system refreshes your engine with close to a quart of fresh oil and catches harmful contaminants to boot. The filter in this system is specially designed to resist breaking down, resulting in a cooler engine and an overall improvement in the life span of your engine oil. While there’s no need for changing or flushing the oil, you’ll still want to change your John Deere 30-Second Oil Change filter every 50 hours or once a season, just like any tractor from the 100 Series.

So, how’s it done? Let’s begin with a few basics before moving on to Step 1. Start by familiarizing yourself with your user manual and practical safety measures. To that end, unlike a traditional oil change, the Easy Change™ 30-Second Oil Change system should only be removed and replaced when the engine is cool.

Step 1: Setting up for your John Deere 30-Second Oil Change Filter Replacement


The first step in this process is the same as any oil change—prepping your machine for the work. You’re going to want to park your equipment on a flat surface and shut the engine to “off.” Next, you’ll want to make sure the parking brake is in place. With the deck down and key removed from the ignition, it’s time to open the hood of your mower and disconnect the spark plugs.

Step 2: Changing Your Oil in Under 30 Seconds


After you unpack your new filter, take a moment to write down your date of service and hours of operation in the area provided. Remove the rubber cap from your new system. Locate your old system and push down on the canister while turning to the left or, counter clockwise. Once it’s dislodged, place the old John Deere 30-Second Oil Change Filter on a flat surface, facing upright. Put the new cap on the old canister. Now, this is where the oil change really starts to differ from all the rest. Place your new system in the port, match the lock and unlock symbols and turn to the right, or clockwise, until you hear a click. At this point the two symbols should match up. Use your dipstick to check the oil level and add a little more if necessary. And just like that, the actual oil change is complete.

Step 3: Finishing Your John Deere 30-Second Oil Change Filter Replacement & Oil Disposal


At this point, you’re ready to put your spark plugs back into place. It’s time to start your mower and run at idle so you’ll be able to catch any obvious leaks. If you’re doing this indoors, be sure to use proper ventilation. Before closing the hood, check your equipment for any oil that may have dripped on the machine and wipe up accordingly. Now you’re ready to dispose of your used system. If this is your first time changing your oil, check with your local government recycling program for authorized retailers that are equipped to recycle used oil filters. Oftentimes, you’ll be directed to a local auto repair station or parts store.

And now you’re through! Visit the rest of our site to order your next Easy Change™ 30-Second Oil Change system, or visit your nearest Sunshine Dealer for questions, and all your John Deere needs. We look forward to seeing you real soon!

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