Sub-Compact Tractors: Getting to Know the 1 Series

posted on Tuesday, January 14, 2020 in Dealer News

Sub-compact tractors may be known as a miniature version of their bigger cousins, but don’t be fooled by their size.

These machines are tough, capable and agile, making them perfect for properties and jobs that class out of what a riding mower can accomplish. Making faster work of larger acreage is just the start of it. Unlike their larger counterparts, tractors from the 1 Series can make tighter turns and get around narrower barn doors and other obstacles, with grace. Being a lighter machine also means there’ll be a whole lot less ground compaction. These small tractors are equipped to manage a laundry list of chores from landscaping, gardening, seeding and even fence building. That’s just to list a few. What’s more, they can still be used as a riding mower, helping you to maintain and care for all of your property’s needs.

All in the Make: 1 Series Small Tractors

There are two models in the 1 Series, the 1023E and the 1025R. Let’s begin with some of their key similarities. Both models feature powerful Yanmar diesel engines, great fuel efficiency, strong hydraulics and comfortable operator stations. These sub-compact tractors come equipped with four-wheel drive and exceptional stability thanks to having the widest stance in their category. The widened stance also helps to improve safety. The 1023E and 1025R have a lift capacity of 681 lb. and a category 1 hitch type, allowing you to complete a greater breadth of work. You’ll find Twin-Touch™ foot controls placed next to one another in both models, so you can adjust your speed and direction quickly and easily.

They also provide a real ease of use, especially when it comes to changing implements. Unlike common competitor models like those offered by Kubota, both the 1023E and 1025R come with industry exclusive AutoConnect™ drive- over technology and iMatch™ quick-hitch attachability. As a result, changing and setting implements can be done easily, and in some cases, exclusively from your seat. So you can keep your energy and focus where it belongs, on your jobs and land instead of difficult to manage equipment.


Now, you will find some notable variation between the two models from the 1 Series. These key differences between the two sub-compacts comes into play in the specs. In general, the 1025R can do more than a 1023E as you’ll find it’s a little heavier and stronger. While the 1023E and 1025R both feature clean and silent Yanmar diesel engines, they do come with two different engine models. This results in a difference in horsepower from 22.4 to 24.2 gross horsepower and 16.5 to 18 take-off horsepower respectively, giving the 1025R an advantage. Another notable difference between the two small tractors is that the 1025R has more optional comfort features. This includes but is not limited to cruise control, a deluxe light package for those working early and late hours, deluxe seating, tilt steering and more.

Ideal Small Tractor Implements

When it comes to implements, these machines have equipment in the dozens to help you get through daily, weekly, monthly and even one-off tasks. They are easy to install, use and change thanks to the exclusive technology only offered by John Deere. With time and quality of work always being top of mind, these implements are built strong, allowing you to get your work done both more precisely and quickly. You’ll find a number of options that will allow you to turn soil, dig, rake and mow the lawn. Need to grab tree limbs or haul dirt? There are numerous tools to choose from that can attach easily to your loader from root grapples to pallet forks. The options in implements for the 1 Series extend to a variety of choices in mowing and material collection systems as well, so you’re not limited to just one or two choices.

In short, these sub-compact tractors may be smaller than a standard compact, but they sure do offer a lot for their size and capabilities. Ready to decide on a tractor from the 1 Series? Come see what we have in store. Or, find your local Sunshine dealer to learn more. Our experts at Sunshine are always ready to help you find answers and tools that will make your work faster and easier.

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