What to Ask When Choosing a Smaller John Deere Tractor

posted on Wednesday, June 22, 2022 in Dealer News

So you’re in the market for a John Deere compact utility tractor. You know you want something smaller than tractors used in a typical farm operation, but beyond that, you’re feeling overwhelmed.

John Deere 1 Series Tractors

Keep reading for a few great questions to ask when choosing the best John Deere sub-compact or compact tractor for your needs. 

1. What will your tractor be doing? 

Having a good idea of the types of projects you’re hoping to accomplish with your John Deere sub-compact or compact utility tractor is a perfect place to start your shopping process. Take some time to make a list of all the things your small tractor will be used for. Things like…

  • Are you using your tractor at home, or will it be for commercial use? 
  • Will you use your tractor to do heavy-duty jobs, like clearing land, or are you more likely to need a tractor suited for mowing and general yard work? 
  • In addition to the type of task, where you’ll be using your tractor will also make a difference. Will you be navigating tough terrain? 
  • Will you require heavy towing or load-carrying capacity? 

Answers to questions like these will help you decide how much horsepower your sub-compact or compact tractor needs. John Deere tractors feature a wide range of horsepower options, so you’re sure to find a tractor that works well for your project. The John Deere 1 Series ranges from 23-25hp, the 2 Series ranges from 25-32hp and John Deere’s 3 Series tractors come in anywhere from 25-45hp, so there truly is something for everyone.

2. What kind of implements or attachments will you need? 

To take question #1 a step further, it’s helpful to think about the types of John Deere implements you’ll need for your tractor to achieve its greatest potential and ultimately accomplish your goals. 

For example, do you plan on doing driveway maintenance with your sub-compact or compact utility tractor? Then a box blade should also be on your mind. Planning to use your tractor to keep grass on your property in check? That’s where a John Deere mower deck or rotary cutter comes in.

We could go on and on about the specific John Deere implements that can make your tractor much more than a tractor, but we’ll stop with this one for now: If you’re looking for maximum versatility, a front-end loader should definitely be one of your first tractor implements. A front-end loader can accomplish much more than simply carrying things from place to place. This implement opens up the door to the use of pallet forks, grapples and other helpful implements.

3. How much land will your compact tractor be covering? 

Although it’s only part of the equation, you will want to factor in approximate acreage when considering which John Deere sub-compact or compact utility tractor is best for you. You’ll also want to be mindful of the type of terrain contained within those acres. For example, although a John Deere compact utility tractor may make quicker work of a 10-15 acre area, a sub-compact tractor will likely be the better way to go if those 10-15 acres are covered in hills or various obstacles. 

4. What do you value most in respect to budget? 

Doing some homework ahead of time can take a lot of the stress away from an important purchase, like a John Deere compact tractor. Deciding what is a need and what is a want by asking yourself the questions above before you purchase will help make your decision that much easier. Overall capability and comfort are the two factors that will change your bottom line. Here’s a great example: Do you work in a climate that experiences extreme heat or cold? Then allocating budget for a tractor with a temperature-controlled cab will likely be a priority for you. As with anything, the addition of more bells and whistles will change the overall price. It’s important to think of your John Deere compact utility tractor as an investment. We can confidently say these tractors are so versatile and tough that you’ll be making great use of your purchase for years to come. Some customers opt to pay in cash, but financing options are also available.

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