John Deere Precision Ag Technology Solutions

From machine performance to field management to data analysis, John Deere is the industry leader in providing farmers the precision ag tools they need to monitor, manage, and maximize their farm operations. Every production step – every season. 

Reduce Input Costs

through better machine management and application accuracy.

Increase Yields

by improving every aspect of your production process.


Less Stress 

by automating repetitive tasks and enabling remote diagnostics.


Track and Coordinate All Your Vehicles and Equipment in John Deere Operations Center with Razor Tracking

Add to any vehicle in your fleet to track in real-time. Razor Tracking provides Fuel Monitoring, Safety Scorecards, Dispatching and routing, JDLink Integration, monitoring maintenance, hours and mileage tracking, geofencing, and vehicle information. By installing Razor Tracking devices, John Deere customers can monitor their JDLink™ enabled equipment and support vehicles in the John Deere Operations Center. Purchase your plug-and-play devices today!

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Getting Started with Precision AG


1. Display

In-cab, touchscreen displays to easily manage guidance lines, application rates, input placement, and more.


2. Starfire Receiver 

From plus-or-minus 6-inches to sub-inch RTK accuracy, find the receiver that’s right for your operation.


3. Operations Center

Your single, secure place to monitor, organize, analyze, and share your farm data – anytime or anywhere.


4. JDLink™ Connection

With a free JDLink connection, machine and field data automatically stream to your Operations Center account.