John Deere Precision Ag Technology Solutions

sunshine-john-deere-precision-agPrecision farming relies on technological advancements to measure and act on your farm data. New technology from John Deere has become critically important in identifying underperforming acres, maximizing yields, and monitoring machines. Discover all the benefits that our selection of John Deere agriculture technology tools and applications has to offer, from data management and guidance to field and crop solutions. John Deere’s innovative technology connects seamlessly with your equipment to help you with field prep, planting, application prescriptions, and harvesting. 

Why Precision Ag?

  • To increase agriculture productivity
  • Prevents soil degradation
  • Reduction of chemical application in crop production
  • Efficient use of water resources
  • Dissemination of modern farm practices to improve the quality, quantity and reduced cost of production
  • Developing favorable attitudes
  • Precision farming changing the socio-economic status of farmers



  • Agronomical perspective 
  • Technical perspective
  • Environmental perspective
  • Economic perspective 

Precision Ag Contacts:  


Patrick Hensgens

(M) 337-581-3166 (O) 337-458-5339



Christian David

(M) 225-394-1033 (O) 225-638-4581



Ben Ramagos

(M) 225-776-6249


Sunshine Precision Ag Packages 


Operations Startup Package

If you are just getting started collecting data, we are offering this package to help you get the information you want into your Operations Center and Displays. 


Operations Center Continuation Package

If you have already purchased the Operations Center Startup Package and would like to dive deeper into your data this will be the package for you. We will add any additional boundaries and products for the new year as well as post-calibration of yield to name a few items.

Helpful Precision Ag Videos 

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