8 Reasons Why Drive Green is the Best Time to Test-Drive John Deere Tractors, Mowers and More

posted on Thursday, April 5, 2018 in Dealer News

This is our favorite time of year because...

there’s nothing we love more than rolling out the green carpet for you at our Drive Green events. And while we recommend test-driving the John Deere tractor or mower you’ve got your sights on any day, there’s something special about taking one for a spin during Drive Green.

With that in mind, we assembled some good excuses for you to visit our stores in New Iberia and Hammond for our upcoming events. Without further ado, here are…

The Top Eight Reasons to Attend a Sunshine Drive Green Event:

1. It’s the best opportunity for you to get hands-on with all our equipment.

First, you can test-drive any Compact or Utility Tractor, Gator Utility Vehicle and Riding Lawn Mower we have on-site. You get to feel like a kid with access to everything in the world’s coolest toy store.


2. Drive Green events offer the best tractor deals in Louisiana

We may not really have a green carpet, but Drive Green is when we throw in a ton of incentives to help your hard-earned money go even further. We’re talking savings of up to $500 off already incentivized prices. And, you can also enter to win a 1025R Sub-Compact Utility Tractor with a front-end loader, box blade and a commemorative 100-year anniversary hood wrap!

3. A chance for the whole family to test-drive lawn equipment

Having everyone there is important because before you buy, you should be considering: who’s going to spend the most time behind the wheel? Make sure to bring them along. This will also give everyone the chance to ask questions, get a feel for the ride and learn how to use any implements, so they’re comfortable when it’s time to shift the equipment into drive—on your own Louisiana property.


4. Learn what horsepower you need in a compact tractor

Choosing the right horsepower for your property will save you time, so before you come in, think about the main tasks your property needs and the size of your land. Knowing how many acres you have and how long it usually takes you to mow is a good starting point. Don’t forget to think about the terrain. Our experts will talk you through the product benefits that match your property to make sure you’ve got the power you need and are ready to go. Remember: equipment size matters!

5. Chat with all of Sunshine’s experts

Chatting with current owners and a broad range of product experts at Drive Green can be a big help. Most all of Sunshine’s experts are also owners and operators of the same equipment, so they’re ready to answer, inform and instruct you no matter what your needs are. Ask every question you can think of. Dream up any scenario possible. We’ve handled just about every question a Louisiana property owner could come up with, so put our knowledge to the test.

6. Understand the attachments and implements you may need

Our experts will also help you think beyond the task at hand. Mowing is usually the easy part. What other kinds of work can make your property management easier? Property upgrades and managing what might seem like a mini farm can seem overwhelming if you’re not familiar with everything a small tractor or riding lawn mower can help with. From tilling anything more than a half-acre, to hauling feed and cutting hay—our experts will help you scope out the right equipment and potential implements, even if you’re not ready to invest in everything right from the start.


7. Drive, baby, drive!

The whole idea behind Drive Green Events (besides the best savings on John Deere Equipment all year) is to have fun by getting behind the wheel—and to have experts there to help while you do it. Test-driving new equipment is meant to be a learning experience, but it’s also meant to be fun.

8. Test-drive ALL of the John Deere Equipment

And don’t just test-drive what you came in to test-drive. While your budget may have limits, that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a cruise in a new Gator or try out the tractor model a few sizes bigger than what you’ve been researching. We’ll have all the equipment ready to go, so there are no excuses not to relax in a comfy yellow seat and feel the John Deere difference for yourself!

Still wondering about logistics? Find a Drive Green event near you here, shop online for John Deere equipment here or contact the Sunshine location near you to ask us anything leading up to the big day.

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