How to Choose a Lawn Mower to Match Your Acreage

posted on Monday, April 20, 2020 in Dealer News


From standard riding lawn tractors to newer zero-turn (ZTR) models, there is an endless amount of choices for those looking to upgrade from a push lawnmower.

There’s a lot to consider when making a selection. One of the most important factors: acreage.

Here’s how to match your acreage to the right lawnmower. Below is some helpful information about John Deere riding lawnmowers. 

john-deere-riding-mowerJust because a property is small doesn’t mean it shouldn’t get a high-quality mow – and from an affordable machine. John Deere offers the E100s and S240 riding lawnmowers and Z300E/M/R series Ztrak mowers, all of which are ideal for properties a half-acre to just more than a full acre.

With engine horsepower up to 25 mph and mower deck size ranging from 42-inch to 54-inch, these models easily meet the needs of properties this size. Additionally, they’re compatible with the basic attachments small lawn owners would need, like a bagger or mulch kit, all at an entry-level price point.

Property Size: One Acre to Three Acres
Larger residential lots and those with up to three acres of land to mow also have the option of standard and ZTR models. The X300 series lawn tractors and Z500E/M series Ztrak mowers are suitable for properties slightly more than a full acre up to three acres.

The biggest advantages the X300 offers over smaller units are attachment and steering options. The X300 can accept more attachments than smaller models – including common ones like the PowerFlow bagger and more demanding ones like snowblowers. It also has power steering, with some models in the series equipped with All-Wheel Steer. This seemingly-small feature pays back big in overall time spent on larger yards, as it’s great for maneuvering around trees and turning at the end of rows.

Property Size: Three Acres
For a property that checks in right at or around three acres, there are two mowers designed to fit this sweet spot – the X500 series lawn tractors and the Z500R series Ztrak mowers.

Two models in the X500 series offer unique advantages meant for those with larger properties and potentially tougher grass to mow. With a new steering configuration, the X584 offers improved control and handling to give a better ride and finish quality. The X590 offers an EFI engine with the speed governor to automatically adjust based on a heavier load like thicker material. It won’t bog down or struggle to cut even tough, thick grass and brush.

With larger engines, bigger tires, and a larger operator’s seat, the Ztraks in this category is designed for long stretches of mowing. They also achieve operating speeds up to 8 mph for faster mowing and feature a deck that can handle long, thick grass – a deck that’s only available on John Deere’s top-tier model of riding mowers. It offers that premium-level of mowing in a fast, maneuverable Ztrak design.

Property Size: More Than Three Acres
Speaking of John Deere’s top-tier riding mowers, large properties more than three acres in size can look to this series, which includes the X700 series lawn tractors, as well as two Ztrak models, the Z900 series and its newest ZTR mower series, the Z700.

The X700 stands apart from other riding mowers in that it’s PTO-driven vs. belt-driven. Combined with the highest-capacity, drive-over auto-connect deck, this model offers greater durability and the ability to cut through the toughest grass and brush. It also offers more attachment options than smaller riding mowers.

It’s also John Deere’s only riding mower with the drive-over auto-connect deck, making it easy to attach and remove the deck. It’s nearly the same size as John Deere’s 1025 compact utility tractor yet offers the advantages of staying in the riding lawn tractor category, like attachment pairings and price tag.

Additionally, the X739 is the only John Deere riding mower that offers both four-wheel steering and four-wheel drive. This is especially valuable for large property owners with several hills and obstacles to navigate.

The Z900 Ztrak series is primarily intended for commercial rather than residential use, the Z700 series brings an exciting new option to consumers that’s a step above the Z500 series, without crossing into commercial-grade features and price point. It offers affordable attachments, as well as more options like Michelin Tweels, a high-capacity deck, and a commercial-grade seat for mowing comfort.

With so many price points, models, and available options, it can be overwhelming to choose the right lawnmower. If you are interested in a riding lawnmower, get in contact with a location nearest you or get pre-approved on our website today!