Sunshine Quality Solutions Harvest Safety Guide

posted on Friday, October 13, 2023 in Dealer News

Harvest season is a critical time for farmers in Louisiana. It's the time to reap the rewards of hard work throughout the year. However, with the use of powerful John Deere harvest equipment, safety should always be a top priority.

Sunshine Quality Solutions knows safety is crucial during this busy time. In this blog, we'll give you important tips for using harvest equipment to have a successful and injury-free harvest. View our wide variety of John Deere harvesting equipment here.

1. Inspect Harvest Equipment Regularly

Before every use, inspect your harvest equipment thoroughly. Look for loose bolts, damaged parts or any signs of wear and tear. Pay close attention to the cutting mechanisms, belts and chains. Regular maintenance and timely repairs can prevent accidents caused by equipment failure.

To guarantee equipment safety, stay up to date on recalls by joining the John Deere Recall Program. By joining this program, you can prevent potential hazards. Click here to schedule your next parts & service appointment at Sunshine Quality Solutions.

Man checking John Deere tractor for safety precautions.

2. Review Your John Deere Manual

It might seem like a no-brainer, but reading your John Deere manual for your farm equipment is crucial. The manual provides essential information about proper operation, maintenance,  emergency exits and safety precautions. Make sure all operators are familiar with the manual's safety procedures. Find your John Deere manuals for more harvest safety tips while using your equipment.

3. Train Your Operators

Make sure to adequately train all individuals operating harvest equipment. Operating training should include safe operation, emergency procedures and equipment-specific knowledge.

Offer regular in-person or online courses to update your equipment operators on the latest safety practices before harvesting starts.

Ensure your operators are aware of the location of first aid kits. Contact Sunshine Quality Solutions for more tips on training employees in a safe work environment.

Sunshine Quality Solutions safety training course.

4. Use ROPS and Seat Belts

Always use the Roll-Over Protective Structure (ROPS) and seatbelts. ROPS can prevent fatalities if a rollover occurs, and seat belts keep operators securely in their seats during operation. If you have an older model, contact your local Sunshine dealer to upgrade to a retrofit ROPS.

5. Communicate Effectively

Use radios or hand signals to communicate effectively between operators, especially in situations where visibility is limited. Clear communication helps prevent workplace injuries and keeps everyone safe on the job site. To help you communicate further, update your harvest equipment with proper lighting and SMV signs. To avoid accidents on the road, double check for traffic behind you and clearly signal before you turn while operating equipment.

6. Watch for Fatigue 

Harvest time is nonstop, which can easily lead to fatigue. Fatigue can lead to poor decision making. Give yourself the grace required to keep safety on the top of your priority list by drinking plenty of water and getting rest whenever possible. Staying alert allows you to watch out for the things you certainly don’t want to take for granted, like the possibility of kids near equipment or other vehicles on the road. 

As the harvest season approaches, prioritizing proper safety is paramount. Get a John Deere Pre-operation Safety & Maintenance Inspection Checklist here or purchase a physical copy in-store.

Sunshine Quality Solutions values your well-being and wants to ensure a successful and incident-free harvest. To stay safe while using harvest equipment on the farm, read safety resources and follow these tips. This will help protect you, your team and your equipment while increasing productivity. Remember: safety first, always!