Sunshine to Host a Precision Ag Day in Crowley, Louisiana

posted on Monday, January 22, 2024 in Dealer News


We are thrilled to announce an exciting and much-anticipated event, the John Deere Precision Ag Day! This unique and insightful event will take place on Thursday, February 22, 2024, in Crowley Louisiana at the LSU Rice Arena/Ag Extension Conference room. This day promises to offer a closer look at some of the advanced technological solutions that have revolutionized the field of modern farming.

You'll have the opportunity to explore first-hand the extensive range of John Deere Precision Agriculture products, which includes precision farming technologies that can enhance your operational productivity while reducing your input costs and increasing your farming precision. 

Topics Include:

  • Machine Sync,
  • Data Sync,
  • Autotrac Turn Automation,
  • Igrade/T3rra
  • Razor Tracking

Come and discover how Sunshine is bringing its strong commitment to quality, innovation, and durability to the realm of precision farming, all with a focus on helping growers improve their profitability.

Whether you’re a seasoned farming pro, a tech enthusiast, or someone interested in the crossroads of technology and agriculture, we are certain this will be an enriching experience for you. Don't miss this opportunity to see the future of agriculture today!