What Can't You Do With a 20–25-Horsepower Tractor??

posted on Friday, July 27, 2018 in Dealer News

Take care of more than you expect with 1-Series tractor from John Deere.

If your list of chores is getting longer than the Lake Pontchartrain Causeway, it’s time to look into getting a small compact tractor to start flying through your to-do’s. With equipment that handles tasks from mowing and hauling to digging and clearing, a little expert advice can go a long way in pointing you to the best tractor for your Louisiana land. Thankfully, our experts are here to help.

John_Deere_Backhoe_Tree_StumpFirst, know that horsepower is a relative term because different manufacturers have the same horsepower engines on very different tractors. For instance, a John Deere 1025R Sub-Compact Utility Tractor with 23.9-hp weighs 1444 lbs. Compare this to the 3025E tractor with a 25-hp engine that weighs 2,222 lbs., and you realize that horsepower and weight aren’t the only factors you need to consider when searching for the right small or compact tractor.

Okay, so what is the hp number good for then? Treat it as a starting point for the tractor’s capabilities since horsepower ultimately determines what a tractor can and can’t do and what size implements it can handle. The implements you need depend on the size of your land and any specialty tasks you’re completing. If you have five acres or fewer, our experts say you’ll be more than happy with a 23–25-hp compact tractor — which happens to be a sweet spot for John Deere.

So far, so good? Great! Let’s get into the tasks a 20–25-hp 1 Series tractor knocks out of the park and what implements you’ll need to complete them.

Chores you can easily do with a 20–25-hp small compact tractor:

Just about everyone uses their tractor to cut their lawn, so feel confident about how fast you’ll check this off your to-do list with one of these implements: a belly (or mid-mount) mower for covering a lot of ground, a rotary mower for clearing taller grass, a finishing mower for challenging spots like under low trees and along pond banks.

If you’re cultivating your green thumb, our experts suggest a rotary tiller for your green tractor to prepare the soil in your garden bed by churning it into a fine, clump-free seedbed that’s ideal for planting.

Beyond mowers, our experts’ #1 implement recommendation is a front loader for so many reasons. It’s great for hauling and spreading materials like mulch, sand, gravel or soil, as well as a few other tasks…

Front loaders are also great for hauling bags of feed, moving small, square hay bales, clearing stables, removing manure and emptying troughs.

DrivJohn_Deere_Box_Bladeeway & Road Management
In a pinch, the front loader’s bottom doubles as a make-shift box blade to spread material and smooth dirt roads. Speaking of box blades, there’s nothing like the genuine article to do the job right. If you need to spread material, grade or level a road or driveway, or backfill an area for building, our experts recommend it just behind the front loader.

Land Upgrades
To truly master all of your domain, you can add a backhoe—for digging out tree stumps, digging a trench, laying pipe, putting in drainage or maintaining pond banks—and get a posthole digger for building a fence or pole building.

Why a John Deere compact tractor beats other 23–25-hp tractors on the market

By now, you should be visualizing your list of chores shrinking down to nothing thanks to how capable and versatile a 23–25-hp 1 Series John Deere tractor is. If you need further convincing, our experts have a few final reasons to go with John Deere over the competition.

Ergonomics & ease of useJohn_Deere_Loader_Livestock
In addition to being perfectly comfortable on your yellow seat, John Deere makes it extremely simple to swap out implements as you go about your chores. This way you’ll spend less time and energy getting things in position, so you’ll be less fatigued and can accomplish your tasks more quickly.

Fuel efficiency
As we mentioned earlier, our small tractors are leaders in fuel efficiency, so you spend less on fuel or diesel and get more done before refueling.

Higher resale value
Fast forward to 10­–20 years down the road when you’re ready for a new compact tractor. You can look forward to getting around 30% more for your John Deere small horsepower tractor than you would from the competition.

All that’s left to do now is for you to get behind the wheel and try out a tractor for yourself. Plan a test-drive at your nearest Sunshine location and chat with our experts about any needs you have for tasks we’ve left off this list. Not only are we tractor experts, we’ve also seen all the quirks the southern Louisiana landscape has to offer and would love to help you overcome them. We look forward to earning your business!