John Deere Ag Tech Program

Be a part of a recognized leader in the industry and learn new skills. At Sunshine, we put people first and hire smart and talented people who embrace new technology, empowerment and offer solutions to industry challenges.


What is the John Deere Ag Tech Program?

The John Deere Ag Tech program is a unique alliance between the John Deere Company, John Deere dealers, like us, and various colleges across the nation. Students completing the program graduate with an Associates of Applied Science degree while also completing a cooperative work experience here at Sunshine.

As a John Deere Tech student, you will receive hands-on technical training in school and as part of your internship. You will learn from seasoned technicians how to put your skills to work in the shop and in the field. While attending school, students will have a part-time position at Sunshine so you can not only earn while you learn but apply the concepts you are learning in school to real-world situations.

The Reward

Successful graduates will go on to work at one of our 17 Sunshine Locations located right here in Louisiana. You can expect excellent pay, extensive benefits and great working conditions. Reimbursement for tuition expense will begin following your full-time employment and will continue over the next 48 months of employment. New technicians can also take advantage of Sunshine’s Tool Support Program to assist in the purchase and maintenance of tools.