New DH12 Series Disk Harrows

Key Features
  • Sealed bearings increase life and reduce maintenance
  • Notched or spherical blades
  • iMatchâ„¢ compatible
  • Field-installed middle breaker kit

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Optional rolling basket for improved field conditions
Optional rolling basketOptional rolling basket

Operators can add the optional 35.56-cm (14-in.) diameter rolling basket to help break up clods for improved levelness and uniformity of field finish. A wrench can be used to adjust the down pressure of the rolling basket to suit the operator’s needs.

Notched or spherical blades
Notched blade for aggressive cuttingNotched blade for aggressive cutting
Spherical blade for a smoother finishSpherical blade for a smoother finish

Choose notched or spherical blades with cast spools for the Frontier DH11, DH12, and DH13 Series Disk Harrows.


Notched blades aggressively cut and mulch, while spherical blades slice and mix residue for a smoother finish.


There are three blade configurations:

  • Front notched gang and rear spherical gang
  • Spherical blades only
  • Notched blades only
Sealed bearings increase life and reduce maintenance
Sealed gang bearings for extended lifeSealed gang bearings for extended life

The Frontier™ DH Series Disk Harrows have self-aligning, sealed bearings to keep dirt out for dependable, maintenance-free performance and longer life.

iMatch™ quick-hitch compatible for quick assembly
iMatch system for a super-quick connectioniMatch system for a super-quick connection

The iMatch system converts the tractor's 3-point hitch to fixed hooks and attaching points for a super-quick connection.



  1. The iMatch kit is sold separately.
  2. The machine is AutoHitch compatible, however, it may require auto-hitch release pins to be removed for certain disk harrow configurations.
Easy-to-adjust disk gangs match changing soil conditions
Gang angle adjustments for varying soilGang angle adjustments for varying soil

Disk gangs are easily adjustable to match changing soil conditions. Use a more aggressive angle to tear up and penetrate rough and uneven soil. Reduce the angle for smoother final seedbed preparation.


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John DeereDH12 Series Disk Harrows
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Working width 2.03 m
6.67 ft
Operating 333.4 kg
735 lb
Shipping 371.9 kg
820 lb
Tractor requirements
Horsepower range Max: 33.6 kW
45 hp
Type Integral
Category Cat. 1
Quick coupler compatibility
Spacing Front
19.1 cm
7.5 in.Rear
19.1 cm
7.5 in.
Size 18 (45.7)
Thickness 3 Nm
0.1181 in.
Quantity 20
Type Notched (front) / Notched (rear)
StandardSmooth (front) / Smooth (rear)
AvailableNotched (front) / Smooth (rear)
Gang axle
Diameter 25.4 mm
1 in.
Type Square
Material Steel
Gang angles
Front 2, 9, 13, 24 degree (angle)
Rear 5, 11, 20, 27 degree (angle)
Frame 76.2x76.2x3 mm
3x3x0.1196 in.
and 76.2x76.2x4.8 mm
3x3x0.1875 in.
Gang 76.2x76.2x4.8 mm
3x3x0.1875 in.
Bearing hanger
Material Reinforced formed steel plate
Size 12.7 mm
0.5 in.
U-bolt size 15.9 mm
0.625 in.
Bearing type Self-aligning sealed ball bearing in pre-riveted flange
Lighting and safety
Transport lights
Safety chain
Cylinder size
Hose length
Set-up time
Labor hours 0.25
Time period 1 year