New RB20 Series Rear Blades

Rear Blades
Key Features
  • iMatchTM compatible
  • Manually adjustable angle
  • Reversible cutting edge
  • Optional end plates

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Optional skid shoes increase cutting edge life
RB Series skid shoes avoid work-surface damageRB Series skid shoes avoid work-surface damage

Skid shoes increase the life of the cutting edge on all RB Series Rear Blades and avoid damaging the work surface while cleaning corrals or plowing snow.


NOTE: Skid shoe style shown in image above used with RB2060, RB2072, and RB2084 models.

Reversible cutting edge for longer wear life
Frontier™ rear blade cutting edgeFrontier™ rear blade cutting edge

All Frontier RB Series Rear Blade cutting edges are reversible, featuring bevels on both edges to give the blade twice the work life.

Hitch attaches quickly and efficiently
Hitch on RB10, RB20, and RB21 Series Rear BladesHitch on RB10, RB20, and RB21 Series Rear Blades

The Frontier™ RB10, RB20, and RB21 Series Rear Blades are all iMatch™ quick-hitch compatible and compatible with Category 1 hitches. Both systems provide a quick, efficient hookup.

Frame's tubular steel is crafted for tough jobs
Tubular steel frameTubular steel frame

The tough, tubular steel frame on Frontier™ RB Series Rear Blades is perfect for grading. Its full-radius moldboard more than handles landscaping needs.


NOTE: This applies to all RB Series Frame except the RBL Series.

Manually adjustable angle, tilt, and offset
Adjustable turntable for 360-degree turning radiusAdjustable turntable for 360-degree turning radius

The turntable on the Frontier™ RB22, RB23, and RB24 Series Rear Blades allows a complete 360-degree turning radius for leveling perfection.


Manually adjusting the offset, angle, and tilt allows the blade to adapt to a variety of conditions and provides added protection and leveling perfection.

Optional end plates hold extra material
RB21 Series Rear Blade shown aboveRB21 Series Rear Blade shown above

End plates allow Frontier™ RB Series Rear Blades to hold extra material while dragging it from place to place. This is ideal for leveling uneven terrain.


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John DeereRB20 Series Rear Blades
Add Model
Add Model
Width in working position 1.8 m
6 ft
Moldboard length 182.9 cm
72 in.
Moldboard height 35.6 cm
14 in.
Moldboard thickness 0.6 cm
0.25 in.
Machine 129.3 kg
285 lb
Shipping per unit 149.7 kg
330 lb
Tractor requirements
PTO hp (kW) 17.2-41 kW
23-55 hp
Hydraulic offset kit (hoses and fittings included)
Angle, tilt, offset, pivot
Pivot angle degrees 360 degree (angle)
Angle forward, number of positions Each side: 0,15, 30 degree (angle)
Angle reverse, number of positions Each side: 0,15 degree (angle)
Tilt positions/degrees Three
Offset position left or right 30.5 cm
12 in.
Type Category 1
Quick hitch compatibility iMatch compatible (quick-attach system)
Reversible cutting edge
Thickness 1.3 cm
0.5 in.
Height 15.2 cm
6 in.
Type Standard
Parking stand
Standard with machine Yes
Time period 1 year