No Matter the Weather, West Farm & Partnership Always Has Sunshine

posted on Friday, September 1, 2023 in Dealer News

At Sunshine Quality Solutions, we have the immense privilege of helping farmers of all sizes accomplish their goals. We understand farming comes with many variables (crazy Louisiana weather, anyone?), so that’s why we strive to be a constant in the lives of our customers. We’re always here to offer the quality John Deere products, parts and excellent customer service you deserve.

3 men smile in front of a John Deere tractor

Lucas West of West Farm and Partnership farms rice and crawfish with his father and brother in south Louisiana. Recently, he took the time to sit down with the Sunshine team and share with us a little bit about his life on the farm. While Lucas himself has been farming in south Louisiana full-time since 2015, the family farm dates back much further. His grandfather farmed and, in fact, West Farm and Partnership was a Sunshine customer before Sunshine Quality Solutions was even the name of our business.

“My first time behind the wheel of a tractor was as a child,” said West. “The first tractor I drove was green. I can’t imagine running anything else!”

man wearing a hat laughs in front of a John Deere tractor

As any Louisianian knows, rice farming isn’t for the faint of heart. Rice season brings with it spotty rain that results in a short planting window. From early March to early April, rice farmers like Lucas and his family are focused on one thing: getting those rice seeds in the ground. West Farm and Partnership uses a variety of John Deere tractors, vertical tills and drills from Sunshine Quality Solutions to do just that.

Rice harvest comes later in the summer, and sometimes farmers like West are able to plant a second crop early in the fall. Whether it’s during a first harvest from the last week of July through early August or the second harvest window in November, West Farm and Partnership relies on equipment like John Deere tractors and combines to take care of business.

farmer shakes hands with Sunshine Quality Solutions team member in front of tractor

No matter the season, weather is a key concern for the Wests and farmers like them. Trying to get everything done in the right amount of time is a common challenge, and when you work equipment as hard as they do, there’s bound to be a hiccup here and there. Staying prepared to provide knowledgeable, quick service when times like that arise is what West says sets Sunshine apart.

“We call, they come…you know?” West said. “They try to get us going as fast as they can.”

In addition to exemplary service, Lucas, his father and brother agree that quality John Deere products provided by Sunshine help them get the job done more efficiently than ever.

One piece of John Deere machinery that has aided the Wests in a more successful rice crop specifically is John Deere’s N536C No-Till Air Drill.

man plants rice with a John Deere tractor and drill

For any readers who may not be aware, no-till farming is a conservation-oriented approach that involves planting seeds directly into the soil without tilling or disturbing it extensively. The benefits of no-till are numerous: It helps retain soil moisture, reduces erosion and prevents the release of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. This practice has gained popularity among farmers worldwide, as it allows them to maintain the health and fertility of their land while promoting sustainable agriculture.

The N536C is a revolutionary machine designed to optimize the no-till farming process, ensuring maximum yield and minimal environmental impact. One of the key features of the N536C No-Till Air Drill is its precise seed placement system. The machine uses advanced technology to place seeds at a consistent depth and spacing, ensuring uniform growth and maximizing yield potential. This level of precision helps farmers achieve optimal plant populations, leading to healthier crops and better overall productivity.

Cutting-edge capabilities aside, the N536C No-Till Air Drill is designed with a farmer's ease of use in mind. John Deere has integrated user-friendly interfaces and intuitive controls, making it accessible to users with varying levels of technological expertise. This seamless integration of advanced technology allows farmers to focus on what they do best – growing crops.

By combining top-of-the-line products, like the John Deere N536C, with our knowledge and genuine care for each customer, Sunshine Quality Solutions is proud to partner with farmers and property managers of all varieties to get the job done.

Check out a little more from Lucas West of West Farm and Partnership in south Louisiana in the video below.

Seeing customers like the Wests find success is why we do what we do at Sunshine Quality Solutions. Whether you need assistance with equipment, parts, service or Precision Ag support,  we’re here to help. Find your nearest Sunshine John Deere equipment dealer here.